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Friday the 7th September 2012 was a bad day for me. That was the day that I was fired from my first development job. It was the beginning of a 7 month unemployment period where I struggled with depression, impostor syndrome and I asked myself some tough questions.

Opening Up About My Mental Health

I've tried to start writing this post a few times. Mental health is a difficult topic to speak about in itself, and struggling with your own mental health can make it even more difficult.

While this post is difficult to write, I want to be open about it. I hope that this can help other people feel like they can talk about their mental health too.

Why LeedsJS Doesn't Have Q&A Anymore

The day before April's LeedsJS meetup, I decided to try not having Q&A after the talks in favour of encouraging people to come and chat to the speakers directly. There were a variety of reasons as to why I felt that this would be the best route, and it seems to have been a success!

Blackboxing Scripts In Chrome DevTools

Chrome DevTools has a feature called blackboxing which allows you to ignore certain scripts when debugging. When a script is blackboxed, it's hidden from the call stack pane and you don't step into it when stepping through the code. This is really useful when debugging code that uses frameworks or libraries such as Ember, React or jQuery.