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Luke Bonaccorsi
Press Start


Friday the 7th September 2012 was a bad day for me. That was the day that I was fired from my first development job. It was the beginning of a 7 month unemployment period where I struggled with depression, impostor syndrome and I asked myself some tough questions.

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Opening Up About My Mental Health

I’ve tried to start writing this post a few times. Mental health is a difficult topic to speak about in itself, and struggling with your own mental health can make it even more difficult.

While this post is difficult to write, I want to be open about it. I hope that this can help other people feel like they can talk about their mental health too.

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Learning About Burnout By Crashing My Car

Today marks 4 years since I crashed and wrote off my car while driving to work one morning due to being burnt out. At the time I didn’t really realise I was burnt out or even what burnout was.

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